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Sail Lanka Charter is a spin off of the non-profit organization ‘Building A Future foundation’.

The foundation has three focus points: education and training, research and development and business incubation.

Sail Lanka Charter was incubated to create and promote sailing as a new eco-friendly activity in Sri Lanka. Sailing will allow tourists and locals to discover one of the main resources of the country, the ocean.

All the boats operated by Sail Lanka Charter are 100% designed and built in Sri Lanka by BAFF Polymech and Solar Impulse, sisters companies of SLC.

All our employees are trained and educated in house. They get trained in sailing skills, boat maintenance and repairs, operating engine powered boats, sales and marketing and administration. The employees can also take English classes or swimming lessons. We want to empower them and grow their talents and skills. The moment the local employees are ready, they will start managing the company without their foreign trainers and mentors.

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Sail Lanka Charter Logo Baff
Sail Lanka Charter Logo Baff

Building A Future Foundation is a non-profit organisation which aims at improving the living conditions of underprivileged population depending on the resources of the ocean through eduacation, research and start up incubation.

BAF aims at creating a sailing culture in the island by initiating a yachting industry from boat building, sails and masts making,… to mini -marina creation and chartering services through social entrepreneurship and North-South cooperation.

BAF was founded in 2006 to create employment and a new touristic economy. The foundation’s aim is to provide a better future for underprivileged youngsters from areas devastated by the tsunami in December 2004 and improve the living conditions of the disadvantaged population.

Beginning 2016, the Building A Future foundation had trained more than 400 underprivileged local youngsters into sectors that have a potential for economic development in this coastal region: boat building, sail making, mast making, mechanical and electrical engineering and for each category basic book keeping, small business management, marketing, internet and English.

The Building A Future foundation in Sri Lanka identified the areas of training in a manner that they easily form interlocking value chains. In that way a sustainable market can be created and leverage is maximized. Sail Lanka Charter is the 7th spinoff initiated by the BAF foundation for job creation. Each spin off generates sustainable employment for underprivileged youth from the region.


The Ruhunu Sailing association is another non profit organisation that was set up in 2006 in Sri Lanka. It has the objective to develop sailing as a sport for boys and girls, between 8 and 16 years, from tsunami affected areas.

The idea is to develop in them a passion for sailing and make them aware of the marine treasures of the seas and shores around Sri Lanka. If they later find employment in coastal activities they will have the necessary baggage to become responsible, trained and ecologically well-aware professionals.

Every Saturday and Sunday children come to the base in Mirissa to enjoy 3 hours of intensive sailing. They are being trained by Sail Lanka Charter’s European instructors and local sailing trainers. During the free courses they get introduced to the sport, the coast and the ocean.

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