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At Sail Lanka Charter we are 18 hard working people committed to your service!
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Sail Lanka Charter Team Anura


Anura is 28 years old and was born in Mirissa, where he now lives with his mother father and sister. After graduating from school in Matara, he did a mechanical apprenticeship at BAFF. After, he was trained in boat building and sail making as well as diving. Before going into working on the boat, he worked at BAFF Polymech (shipyards and electrical repair shops). He gained lots of sailing experience and is now the captain of the Pearl and works as a sailing instructor at Ruhunu Sailing Club in Mirissa.

Sail Lanka Charter Team Anura


Anura is 35 years old, he lives in Kandy with his family. He joined the company, Sail Lanka Charter in January 2014 as Crew master on Topaz. After two years he became crew master on Jade, the new residential boat. Anura has a lot of experience in hospitality as he worked almost 6 years in Dubai, Saudi Arabie, Maldives in 5 stars hotels. He is also a professional seaman.

Sail Lanka Charter Team Anura

Sail Lanka Charter Team Dimuthu


Dimuthu, the chef on the Pearl, is 20 years old. He lives in his hometown Midigama with his sister and two brothers. During his schooling, he lived in Colombo. He was educated to be a mechanic at Pierre Pringiers’ tire manufacturing firm Load Star, before moving on to hotel school. He has worked at many different hotels and restaurants, constantly learning new cooking techniques and recipes. With Sail Lanka Charter, he has found a special challenge; He prepares delicious dishes on a moving boat out on the ocean.

Sail Lanka Charter Team Kumara


Kumara is 32 years old and from Rathnapura. When on duty, like other crew members, he lives in a cabin on the Catamaran. During his holidays, he goes home to Rathnapura to see his wife and two sons. After completing his A-levels in Disenayaka, he was part of the Sri Lankan navy for 12 years. After that, he was trained as a lifeguard as well as a diver, and then did his CCD in 2011. He now works as the crew master on Topaz.

Sail Lanka Charter Team Kumara

Sail Lanka Charter Team Samitha


Samitha also originates from Mirissa. He is 22 years old and lives with his mother and his sister near Mirissa Harbour. He joined the Building A Future Foundation, the mother company of Sail Lanka Charter, in 2008; He received an extensive sailing education and worked on whale watching boats. Since 2014, he has been a member of the Pearl Crew at Sri Lanka Charter.

Sail Lanka Charter Team Sanjeewa


Sanjeewa is 19 years old and lives in Polhene by Matara with his family. After finishing school in Matara, he moved to Colombo to join a swimming club. At a very young age, he was trained as a lifeguard and received a sailing education. When he returned to the South, he was employed as a lifeguard at Sri Sail; since 2014, he has been performing among other things, as the lifeguard on the Pearl at Sail Lanka Charter.

Sail Lanka Charter Team Sanjeewa

Sail Lanka Charter Team Anru


Anru is 33 years old and lives in Mirissa with his wife and two little sons. At a younger age, he used to be a fisherman at Mirissa harbor for 12 years and went on 2-month fishing trips once a year. His father used to be a fisherman as well, and now he still works at the harbor every day. When whale watching tourism was introduced in Mirissa, Andru joined a local company Sunbin and learned how to sail. He is now the second captain of the Pearl at Sail Lanka Charter.

Sail Lanka Charter Team Ranasiri


Rahanasiri lives in the south with his wife and his three daughters. He finished his studies in 1977 and then joined the Sri Lankan Army. After two years, he reoriented to the Sri Lankan Navy, which he served for 22 years. After retiring from his services, he joined the boatyard Solar Impulse. Since 2014, he has been a part of the Pearl Crew at Sail Lanka Charter, where he focuses on engineering.

Sail Lanka Charter Team Ranasiri

Sail Lanka Charter Team Pradeep


Pradeep was born in Colombo, where he still lives with his wife and his daughter. He went to St. Nicholas International College in Negombo, where he finished his O-Level. Afterwards, he went to business school in India and finally achieved a diploma in marketing there. After completing his studies, he returned to his home country, Sri Lanka. He now works for Sail Lanka Charter as Sales Manager.

Sail Lanka Charter Team Chathu


Chathu is 26 years old and was born in Galle. Today, she lives in Imaduwa with her father, mother and two sisters. After completing her A-Level in Imadura, she volunteered as a statistical officer near her village. Then, she received a secretarial education and diploma in English language at NAITA (National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority). She then joined Solar Impulse as a Human Resource administration assistant. Since 2015, she has worked as administration at Sail Lanka Charter.

Sail Lanka Charter Team Chathu

Sail Lanka Charter Team Alex


Young French Sailor of 29 years Old, Alexandre is graduated from Edhec Business School In france where he got in 2010 a Master in Management and a master in entrepreneurship. After 4 years of work experience in different countries, Alexandre sailed around the world on a 6.50 meter boat in the frame of a sponsored project. He sailed more tha 25 000 miles and visited 23 countries with his boat. He arrived in Sri Lanka in March 2014 and joined the Sail Lanka Charter as General manager in March 2015.

Sail Lanka Charter Team Jeroen


From origin Belgian, Jeroen has a Masters in Marketing Management, with specialization in Entrepreneurship, from Vlerick Business School and a Masters in Communication Sciences from Ghent University. Jeroen has built experience in 4 fields in his career: sales and marketing, project management, hospitality and tourism..He joined the project in October 2014 as assistant project manager and sales and marketing manager. Since October 2015 he is responsible for all operations and B2C sales.

Sail Lanka Charter Team Jeroen

Sail Lanka Charter Team Dominique


From Belgian origin, Dominique has a Bachelor in Social Agogy with a specialization in Leisure-Time Agogy. He has 6 years experience as overseas representative for Thomas Cook in Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Kenya and Sri Lanka. Dominique has 10 years experience as trade counselor for the Consulate of Belgium in Sri Lanka, advising and assisting Belgian companies with interests to enter Sri Lankan markets. He managed the initial set up of the Sri Sail project, chartering yachts and promoting sailing. He is now the Head of our office on Colombo.

Sail Lanka Charter Team Dominique


From Belgian origin, Dominique has a Master in Social Communications (IHECS, Journalism & Communication, Belgium). She lived 8 years in Sri Lanka and worked as Researcher at the International Comity of the Red Cross in 2004, as Donors Coordinator at the Solideal Loadstar Rehabilitation Trust from 2005 to 2007 and as Director Development at the Building A Future Foundation up to end 2008. She is now based in France where she has created DG Consulting. She offers various PR and Communication services and she works on the developments of various projects for Building A Future Foundation and Sail Lanka Charter.

Sail Lanka Charter Team Dominique

Sail Lanka Charter Team Pierre Pringiers



From Belgian nationality, Pierre was born in Kortrijk (Belgium) January 6, 1945. He is married and has 3 children and 4 grandchildren. He was graduated in 1968 as engineer in electro-mechanic at the University of Ghent, Belgium. In 1968, Pierre Pringiers was the Technical Director of Bergougnan Benelux, Belgium up to 1980, when he assumed duties as the General Manager, Bergougnan Lanka, the first industrial tyre factory to be set up in Sri Lanka in 1980.

In November 1984, he was Chairman, Promoter and Co-founder of the group Solideal / Loadstar, a joint-venture with the Jinasena family in Sri Lanka and he held the position as Managing Director & Vice- Chairman. Since 2010 he holds the Director position in the newly merged Camoplast - Solideal group based in Quebec, Canada, which has 1 billion USD worth of sales in 130 countries, employing 5500 persons in Sri Lanka and 2000 in the world.

Since 1999, Pierre Pringiers is the Honorary Consul for Belgium in Sri Lanka.

Following the 2004 tsunami disaster, he was co-Founder & Trustee of the Solideal Loadstar Rehabilitation Trust (SLRT), a tsunami rehabilitation & reconstruction project. SLRT successfully achieved a program from which 15 000 persons benefited (730 new houses, 5 schools, etc) with a total budget of 6,7 million USD. SLRT was awarded as “best housing reconstruction project” by the UNHCR.

Pierre Pringiers was decorated by The King of Belgium Albert II with “Chevalier de l’ordre de Léopold” in recognition for the achievement in November 2006 and with the “Melvin Jones Fellow” from the Lions International Foundation for the dedicated humanitarian services.

In 2006, he co-founded the Building A Future Foundation, a long-term extension of the SLRT programme. BAFF is a philanthropic initiative based on entrepreneurship, youth and north south cooperation aiming to create a future for the youth along the Sri Lankan coast. Through the facilitation of training in different areas that have an economic development potential and bringing in innovative technologies with a focus on sustainable energies, new economic activities and employment opportunities are generated for the youth. A passion for sailing and yachts and Pierre Pringiers’ contacts in this field have given to BAFF a clear emphasis for water based activities related to leisure as well as to fisheries, with the development of hybrid fishing boats.

Pierre Pringiers spends now 95% of his time in philanthropic and social entrepreneurial activities of BAFF as well as in the development of a yachting industry in Sri Lanka through the commercial and non-commercial spin offs of the Building A Future Foundation.

He is the main investor and the Chairman of Sail Lanka Charter.

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